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A digital manufacturing strategy that uses industrial 3d printed electronics to succeed

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A Cleaner Future

Faster Go-to-Market

Smarter Machines Use AI To Succeed

Deep Learning AI for fully automated processes

  • Real-time monitoring and automatic correction of printing and assembly
  • More uptime, better productivity, and higher yield
  • Optimized material usage
  • Distributed, self-learning networks of machines across your lab or your enterprise
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Industrial 3D Printed Electronics Allow For Unique Designs In Space

Design products like never before

  • Remove design constraints for new applications and unique shapes in 3D space
  • Explore possibilities in part miniaturization and weight reduction
  • Deliver new, previously unimagined parts and devices for electronics, aerospace, medical and other industries
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Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME) Are More Sustainable

Cleaner processes

Nano Dimension’s AME platform delivers significant environmental improvement over traditional production:

  • 82% less chemicals used
  • 98% less raw materials used
  • 57% less energy
  • 99% less waste
AME Rewrites The Economic Equation for Production Electronics

Rewrite the economic equation for production

  • Take days, not weeks or months, to generate new prototypes
  • Significantly save time and costs through tool-free, low-volume high-mix processes
  • Reduce reliance on supply chains through localized and distributed production
  • Eliminate delays caused by human or machine error
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Hardware and Software Solutions

DragonFly IV
DeepCube AI Software
FLIGHT Software Suite
Essemtec SMT Pick and Place
Admaflex 300
Tera Series
Giga Series
Global Inkjet Systems
Additive Printer

DragonFly IV

Reinventing the electronics production industry with additively manufactured electronics (AME)

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AI Software

DeepCube® AI software

The most advanced neural-network machine learning software for optimizing production.

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3D AME Software

FLIGHT Software Suite

Bringing ECAD and MCAD together for seamless 3D electronics design to prototyping

Electronics Assembly

Essemtec SMT Pick and Place

Solutions for pick-and-place, soldering, and automated assembly of electronics

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Ceramic and Metal 3D Printer

Admaflex 300

Large build volume and the unique capability to 3D print both advanced ceramics and metals.

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Additive Printer

Tera Series

Micron-resolution additive manufacturing (Micro-AM) for high-precision micro-part applications

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Additive Printer

Giga Series

Micron-resolution additive manufacturing (Micro-AM) for high-precision micro-part applications

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Inkjet Technologies

Digital Deposition Technologies

Industrial Inkjet Software, Drive Electronics, Components & Services

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We shorten the R&D and
Go-to-Market timeline

Nano Dimension Shortens the Go To Market Timeline
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“The ability to manufacture RF systems in house offers an exciting new means for rapid and affordable prototyping and volume manufacturing.”

Dr. Arthur Paolella,

Senior Scientist, Space and Intelligence Systems, L3 Harris Corporation.

“Nano Dimension’s AME technology helped us to achieve an original product prototype and it simplified the manufacturing process compared to traditional methods.”

Dr. Francesco Guido

CTO Piezoskin S.R.L.

To have high-density components quickly available with reduced effort by means of 3D printing gives us a competitive edge in the development process.”

Thomas Müller


“The ability of the DragonFly system to rapidly and affordably manufacture functional prototypes makes it ideal for our team.”

Prof. Massimo De Vittorio

CBN-IIT — Lecce — Italy

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