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Comprehensive Software Platform

Image quality measurement and optimization with Atlas IQ® Tools from GIS.

Atlas® Software Suite

Managing the entire datapath from image to print.

  • All-in-One Platform: Powerful and configurable machine control
  • Fully Customizable User Interface: Modular and extensible features.
  • Seamless Customer Experience: Full print integration from inception to deliverable.
Atlas Features:
  • High performance screeners
  • Variable printing engine
  • Information logging and diagnostics
  • Atlas® Professional for high-end users
  • Atlas® Production for on-machine deployment
  • SDKs to create your own UI and RIP server functionality

Customizable User Interface

The digital front end from GIS enhances print preparation and adds flexibility to workflow.

Atlas DFE™ with built-in DFE Builder

  • Complete Digital Front End (DFE): Configurable and brandable user interface.
  • State-of-the-Art Technology: GIS RIP engine and Atlas® Professional UI.
  • Format Friendly: Multiple file formats supported.
Atlas® DFE Features:
  • True graphic representation
  • Color management support
  • Visual file processing
  • Print job templates
  • Powerful simulation engine
  • Page layout and imposition

Optimized Digital Print Performance

Image quality measurement and optimization with Atlas IQ® Tools from GIS.

Atlas IQ® Tools

Image optimization for your digital printing.

  • Minimize Image Defects: Missing lines, nozzle density variation, printhead banding.
  • Inline and Offline RIP: RIP-on-the-fly and RIP-to-file.
  • Integrate to Suit Your Print System: GIS and 3rd party compatible.
Atlas IQ® Tools Features:
  • Missing nozzle compensation
  • Nozzle density compensation
  • Color correction
  • Ink channel linearization
  • Screener optimization
  • Printhead registration alignment

Print Quality and System Reliability

Achieve world-class printhead productivity with high performance and flexible datapaths.

Drive Electronics

Proven methods for industrial applications.

  • Print System Control: Flexible print datapath solutions.
  • Printhead Control: Exceptional waveform quality.
  • System Integration: Prototype to production.
Drive Electronics Features:
  • Extensive supported printhead range
  • Single pass / XY scanning / 3D / custom systems
  • USB and Ethernet platforms
  • Digital control and monitoring
  • Powerful driver software
  • Encoder / Product Detect / Drop Watching

Custom-Fit Delivery Systems for Inks and Fluids

Rapidly configurable components with central control for ink and fluid delivery systems.

Ink Delivery Systems

A flexibly configurable IDS for industrial inkjet applications.

  • Range of Components: Electronics and software for system control.
  • Reduced Time to Market: Rapidly configurable systems.
  • Integrated Systems: Customizable and scalable.
Ink Delivery Features:
  • System design and consultancy
  • Atlas® Professional user interface
  • Central control logic
  • Components and header tanks
  • Heated and degassed fluid options
  • Expert technical support

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