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Medical Devices

Medical R&D Reimagined: Accelerated Development. Customized Cures. Immediate Results.

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precision opens up new vistas in miniturization




production of micro devices compared to traditional methods




With ROI in the first few months

Research & Development for Medical Devices

Accelerate device research

Nano Dimension solutions help technology researchers and inventors reach new milestones in medical treatment.

Now R&D labs can 3D-print embedded sensors, multi-layer PCBs, and miniaturized conductive components in house and on demand.

Following Nano Dimension’s vision for fully digital manufacturing, healthcare can leverage other emerging tech developments.

Monitor conditions and respond to changes in real time with powerful smart sensors and 5G technology.

Complex new geometries have the potential to transform a wide array of applications in the medical device industry such as:

Non-invasive sensors
Flexible, wearable monitoring devices

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Reinvent medical devices in your lab

PiezoSkin at CBN-IIT
Optoelectronic Neural Surface
Precision Micro Assemblies
Smaller, Lighter MEMS

Creating fabrication protocols for soft, flexible, customizable piezoelectric transducers.

Optimizing Performance

3D printed flexible thin-film device makes it the thinnest piezoelectric transducer on the market

Radical Reinvention

Prototypes eliminated wires and connectors for optimal user experience.

Implantable Device Research

Advancement created miniaturized but high performing optrodes for brain monitoring

Experiment in Form

DragonFly AME enables non-planar designs for more efficient monitoring using optical fiber with a 1.25mm ferrule.

Wider Application

Read our recent white paper about the devising of a novel optoelectronic neural interface.

1 Millimeter-Sized Parts

R&D created threaded components to support miniaturized electro-optical sensing device.

Fast Turnaround

The Fabrica micro-AM 3D printer produced 5 parts in a day — 80% faster than CNC machining.

Reduced Costs

Plastic prototypes cost only 20% of CNC machined parts.

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Groundbreaking technology that provides researchers the freedom to instantly create and innovate

Nano Dimension’s DragonFly prints fully functional 3D electronic circuitry in-house.

Researchers can also explore free-form printing of metals and dielectric polymers for entirely new applications.

Unprecedented Form Factors

Multiply layers and freely form connections inside 3D electronic devices


Fabricate embedded antennas, coils and other high-performance passive components


Immediately test in-house, proofs of concept at low cost

Explore the Dragonfly IV

Dragonfly IV in Action Spotlight

“The suitability of the DragonFly system to rapidly and affordably manufacture functional prototypes — combined with the broad ecosystem of applications for health and energy harvesting — makes it an ideal choice…”

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