Fabrica 2.0

Additive Manufacturing Micron by Micron

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Achieve astonishingly small details with the Fabrica 2.0 micro 3d printer


Complexity at No Extra Cost

Precision micro 3d printed parts with all the advantages of additive manufacturing.

“The second advantage was the fact Fabrica’s technology could 3D print such a small part for just a few tens of dollars, in a functional material, with the required details, accuracy, and geometry, and in a very short time frame.” MultiVu

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Automated Precision

The Digital Light Processor (DLP) engine captures every detail in your designs.

1-Micron Resolution

Fabrica 2.0 delivers 1-5 micron additive layers for the highest precision 3D parts.

Why Wait to Iterate?

Generate functional, micro 3d printed parts in hours – then repeat.

“The delivery time for five 3D printed parts was one day. Using CNC, five parts would have taken between 3-4 days.” AntiShock

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Breakthrough Speeds

With 5 to 100 times faster printing rates, Fabrica 2.0 surpasses other micro manufacturing processes.

Bypass Tooling

Produce high-mix, low-volume batches of parts at a time with no need for lengthy tooling setup.

Production-Grade Output

Material excellence from the leader in precision Micro AM technology

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Diverse Applications

Plastic parts for use in aerospace, electronics, automotive, medical, optics, and R&D.  Read more.

Growing Opportunity

Increase your client base with cutting-edge micro-component capabilities.

Unparalleled precision from Nano Dimension’s Fabrica 2.0

Miniature Connectors

Fabrica precision Micro-AM delivers precision connectors to be used in prototyping new devices

Optical Housing

As electronic consumer products become more compact, the ability to create and prototype miniature parts becomes more critical

Filter with Micro Channels

Miniaturized parts such as this microfilter enable manufacturers to test and innovate with new functionality at micro-sizes

See how Aran is leveraging Fabrica 2.0

fabrica and Aran on micro parts

Fabrica 2.0 Printer Specifications

  • Resolution
    1.9 micron
  • Tolerance
    1 micron
  • Surface Roughness (RMS)
    0.8 micron
  • Layer Thickness
    1-5 micron
  • Build Speed
    1 mm Height Per Hour
  • Build Volume
    50mm x 50mm x 100mm
  • Weight (Net Weight)
    450 kg
  • Weight (Gross Weight)
    550 kg
  • Dimensions
    140cm X 90cm X 170cm
  • Operating Temperature / Humidity
    24-30 °C / 40-60%
  • Power
    100-240 V – 3 KW
  • Technology
    Micro DLP AM System
  • Dimensions
    140cm X 90cm X 170cm
  • Weight
    550 kg
  • Power Supply*
    100-240 V – 3 KW
  • Operational Humidity
    24-30 °C / 40-60%

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This data represents typical tested values at a controlled environment. Material properties can vary with part geometry, print orientation, print settings, environmental conditions and additional variables. To learn more about specific testing conditions, please contact a Nano Dimension representative. Specific performance of customer parts should be tested in accordance with customer’s specifications.

The above detailed data was tested, measured, or calculated using standard methods based on, inter alia, ASTM and IPC standards and are subject to change without notice. To the fullest extent permissible pursuant to applicable law, Nano Dimension (including any affiliate thereof) disclaims all warranties of any kind, express or implied. The above detailed data should not be used to establish design, quality control, or specification limits, and is not intended to substitute customer’s own testing to determine suitability for a particular application.

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