DeepCube® AI Software

The Deep-Learning AI for Advanced Additive Manufacturing

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DeepCube’s pioneering inference accelerator drastically improves performance on additive manufacturing hardware


Real-Time Error Detection and Correction

DeepCube applies the same neural network training behind photo and speech recognition advancements to the manufacturing of parts.

Improved Part Quality

Multiple sensors can spot defects too small for the human eye.

Increased Part Yield

AI-driven decision making corrects printing errors in real time.

Many companies will only leverage machine learning or AI to the extent that its results are intuitive and transparent and, in some industries, explainable to external regulators. The importance of this transparency came through in our survey: 67 percent of leaders track traceability of outcomes, compared with only 14 percent of the rest.
Toward smart production:
Machine intelligence in business
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Unrivaled Data Speeds

DeepCube’s propriety algorithms increase the speeds of data analysis tenfold, making it the only hardware performance accelerator of its kind.

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Memory Usage Reduction

Overcomes the infrastructure, energy, and memory limitations of previous AI models for low-cost deployment.

From Datacenter to Edge

The leap forward in software processing allows AI to take on  an active role in edge device control.

Distributed Global Automation

Artificial intelligence turns machines into nodes. DeepCube transforms 3D printers into a viable global solution for the demands of Industry 4.0.


DeepCube can coordinate multiple machines across a lab or across the world.

Learning Across the Network

Machines share learning inferences with each other for immediate adjustments in production flow.

Revolutionize Your Manufacturing Process

Anytime, Anywhere.