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Deep Learning with Deepcube
Driving Autonomous Distributed Digital Fabrication

Intelligent, self-learning, environmentally- and ecologically-friendly real-time digital control for Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME)

In April 2021, Nano Dimension acquired DeepCube, a world leader in advanced Machine Learning and Deep Learning technology. 

The DeepCube technology applies numerous patented algorithms to improve data analysis and deployment of advanced Deep Learning-based artificial intelligence (AI) systems. The Machine Learning application includes faster and more accurate training of deep learning models, and drastically improves inference performance and real-time metrics. DeepCube’s solutions demonstrate 10 times speed improvements and significant memory reduction, making it the only technology which allows efficient deployment of deep leaning models on edge devices and for real-time applications.  

With DeepCube, Nano Dimension’s vision is to establish INDUSTRY 4.0 solutions which entail building a distributed digital fabrication application rather than just building machines as capital equipment. This will enable a new class of intelligent, self-learning, environmentally- and ecologically-friendly digital control of the prototyping of Hi-PEDs (High-Performance-Electronic-Devices), or very high performance AME-3D-PCBs.