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Faster production



of micro devices compared to traditional methods

Instant iteration



R&D labs get immediate proof of concept and product testing




AI-driven machines may boost production flow up to ten times

A new era of manufacturing with new levels of productivity

A New Approach to Production

Traditional production for electronics, microparts, and PCBs is inefficient and wasteful, reliant on extended supply chains and dozens of manual processes.

We are advancing towards technologies such as additive manufacturing of electronics (AME) that are digital from start to finish to meet the speed and efficiency expectations of Industry 4.0.

Our light-industrial production model is opening up a new era of:

  • Design innovation
  • Smart, autonomous, self-learning machines
  • Sustainable processes
  • IP security
  • Reduced reliance on supply chains

Nano Dimension and Essemtec are combining AI-guided additive manufacturing with advanced assembly robotics for the next evolution: an automated electronic device assembly line. 

Together, these innovations will:

  • Create an intelligent and integrated additive manufacturing and assembly process
  • Usher in a new paradigm in 3D electronic device innovation, aligned with Industry 4.0
  • Allow designers the agility to move from ECAD and MCAD design software directly into functioning prototypes
  • Achieve new levels of product quality and production control

Nano Dimension’s DragonFly system offers electronics device manufacturers an appealing alternative to traditional factory methods that impose heavy environmental impacts. With AME processes, there is:

  • 82% less chemical usage
  • 98% less raw material usage
  • 99% less waste
  • 57% less energy usage
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Prototype and Assemble Cutting-Edge Electronics in Your Lab

Freznel Dual Frequency Lens for Millimeter Wave

Assembled 3D Printed PCB
L3 Harris RF Circuit
Leap in Innovation

Miniaturized packaged arrays maintain essential electrical performance

Previously Impossible

Two single-band FZP metalens operating at distinct frequency bands merge seamlessly into one

New Capabilities

Radiation tests of the dual-band FZP lens find it comparable to that of each single FZP metalens

Proof of Concept

The first run of Nano Dimension’s 3D printed PCB, populated and assembled on the Essemtec “All-in-One”-machinery represents the all-digital model of the new electronics assembly line

Encouraging Results

Connections and passive components were 3D printed with DragonFly, while integrated circuits were mount and soldered assembled on the Essemtec machine. Test showed full device functionality


Because of the little variability involved in the AMT and SMT processes, these two complementary technologies can provide reliable repeatability in future automation.

First In Space

The first example of Nano Dimension 3D printed communications circuits was launched to the International Space Station (ISS)

Optimum Performance

Like most DragonFly 3D printed output, the radio frequency device had performance comparable to or better than factory-produced circuits

Rapid Iteration

Several design variations can be developed at the same time and iterated within hours

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Smart and Flexible Pick and Place

As an essential and complemental technology to additive electronics production, surface mount technology (SMT) in the form of Pick-and-Place equipment features high-speed dispensing and micro-dispensing as well as intelligent material storage and logistics.

For Traditional PCBs or AME

Adaptive robotic assembly regardless of platform


Rely on accurate finished electronics deliverables

Faster Time-to-market

Get your customers’ products delivered faster

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