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Parts Manufacturing

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From additive manufacturing to robotic assembly and finishing, Nano Dimension production solutions can transform your process

Rapid Electronics Design and Prototyping

Beat out the competition by developing new electronic products to market faster than ever before. Rapid prototyping of electronics significantly compresses part development times and allow for a higher frequency of iterations for better products in less time.

High-End PCB Assembly

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) – whether made additively or traditionally —  can be completed using the Essemtec SMT Pick-and-place automation, customized to your needs. These agile production machines are scalable for extended, integrated assembly lines.

Advanced Inkjet Printing for Part Completion

Optimize product completion with new advanced Direct-to-Shape inkjet printing technologies for protective finishing product exteriors via our Global Inkjet Systems division.

Smart Products to Accelerate Your Part Production

Puma by Essemtec

State-of-the-art SMT Pick-and-Place technology

Expandable in any direction, Puma is modular and adaptive for all kinds of environments. With different modules, the systems grow synchronously with the customer performance requirements.

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Inkjet Drive Electronics

Proven technology in multiple industrial applications

Print System Control

Flexible print datapath solutions.

Printhead Control

Exceptional waveform quality.

System Integration

From prototype to production

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Quality parts with powerful results

Micron-precision Optical Assemblies

Discover Fabrica 2.0’s new role in the production of micron-precision optical assemblies

Nano Dimension’s AME technology helped us to achieve an original While searching for the right solution, the R&D team at MultiVu® came across the Micro AM technology from the Fabrica Group (Nano Dimension). The team was skeptical at the outset as their previous knowledge of 3D printing was for larger sized parts, and they questioned the ability of any 3D printer to produce such a small part, in the right material, with the right mechanical properties, and with the required precision and geometry.

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