Micro AM Materials

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Produce hundreds of micron-detailed parts in hours with durable Fabrica materials

In addition to our Fabrica product line’s precision materials, the Fabrica systems allow for the printing of a wide range of external resins


Performance P-910

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Extreme Thermal Performance

An increased glass transition
temperature of over 180C and a heat deflection temperature of over 200C.

Strength and Flexibility

An ideal choice for prototyping and manufacturing precision parts that require high heat resistance.

Performance P-900

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Reinforced Composite

High-temperature-tolerance with upgraded mechanical properties.

High Wear Resistance

Enhanced performance for demanding applications.

Transparent T-700

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PMMA-like (polymethyl methacrylate)

Suitable for production of parts requiring translucency such as optical elements, microfluidic chips, and medical devices.

Durable D-820

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PVC-like material

High endurance over repeated use where flexibility is required

Durable D-810

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Versatile ABS-like

Durable, rigid material, enabling high structural integrity.

Medical M-810

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Non-cytotoxic material

Medical series of materials has been specifically designed for use in applications that require bio-compatibility.

Technical Specifications for Fabrica Materials

Fabrica Materials Data Sheet
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