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About Nano Dimension

A Leader in Electronics Printing Technologies

Nano Dimension makes additive manufacturing intelligent

As the world’s leading additive electronics provider, Nano Dimension is disrupting, reshaping and defining the future of how cognitive connected products are made. With its unique 3D printing technology for printed electronics, Nano Dimension targets the growing demand for electronic devices that require increasingly sophisticated features and rely on encapsulated sensors, antennas and printed circuit boards (PCBs).


Demand for circuitry, including PCBs — which are the heart of every electronic device — covers a diverse range of industries - from consumer electronics, medical devices and defense, to aerospace, automotive, IoT and telecom. These sectors can all benefit greatly from Nano Dimension’s products and services for rapid prototyping and short-run manufacturing.


Nano Dimension: Empowering Innovation

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Close-up of truly multilayer PCB printed by the DragonFly 2020 3D Printer

Close-up of a multilayer PCB printed by the DragonFly 2020 3D Printer

Making hardware development agile

Integrating digital manufacturing and industry 4.0 readiness tops the strategic agenda in most organizations. Having agile development tools can help them  beat out the competition and take to market the next best smart, connected device — even when time and budgets are limited. With Nano Dimension printers, engineers and developers can accelerate and promote change so that development of industry-shaping electronic solutions meet the rising pace of today’s business.

Replacing traditional prototyping techniques with agile, cost- and time-effective processes entirely in-house provides many benefits:

  • Time savings – no more long lead times
  • Cost savings – no more large order minimums
  • Rapid innovation – fast prototype turnaround and short-run custom manufacturing
  • IP security – keep valuable technology in-house instead of shipping it to a third party prototyping facility
  • Convenience – design, test and iterate on the fly with the push of a button
  • New geometries, experimentation – experience innovation not previously possible

Our Executive Team

Amit Dror
simon fried.png
Simon Fried
President Nano Dimension USA Inc.
Yael Sandler
Dr. Jaim Nulman
tim sheehan.jpg
Tim Sheehan
VP Sales
Eyal Hershkovitz
Quality Manager


Dan Abraham.jpg
Dan Abraham
VP Operations
Tamar Rozen
HR Manager

Gaining Strategic Advantage In RFID Manufacturing