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NDEAR (Nano Dimension Education And Research) is Nano Dimension’s program devoted to partnering with academia and R&D institutions to advance their interest, education, and research & development related to additive manufacturing (AM), electronics manufacturing, additively manufactured electronics (AME), and surface-mount technology (SMT).

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Nano Dimension’s pioneering Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME) allows researchers to rapid prototype functioning circuit boards in a matter of hours.




Precision Micro Additive Manufacturing (Micro AM) delivers parts 80% faster than traditional production methods.

Real-Time Deep Learning



Self-learning DeepCube neural network-based artificial intelligence (AI) is robust enough to be applied in real time to production machines and is the key driver of Industry 4.0 integrated systems.

Meet the NDEAR Team

Amanda Taylor, Innovation Program Manager

  • Curriculum development
  • Technical conferences
  • Training
  • Industry partnerships

Liem Tran, Strategic Workforce Programs Manager

  • Workforce development
  • Institutional partnerships
  • Grant resourcing

NDEAR Initiatives

Looking for a way to jumpstart your career?

NDEAR partners with colleges and universities to offer internship, co-op, or Capstone opportunities to students at our Waltham Innovation Lab. Programs for students typically will last from one to six months and can be arranged throughout the year. Students will be supervised by Nano engineers, be working directly with Nano’s equipment. The hands-on experience allows students a chance to learn about our company’s AM and AME technology.


As an education partner of Nano, NDEAR sponsors events relating to STEM and others that fit our mission to promote additive manufacturing and other workforce development initiatives.

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  • Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, and PhD Candidates in the fields of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Materials Science.

Through our bureau of subject matter experts, NDEAR offers technical experts to speak at conferences and events if needed.​ 

NDEAR offers training curriculum in Surfaced Mount Technology (SMT) and Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME) technologies to our education partners. The curriculum trains and certifies students how to operate and maintain equipment. The curriculum can be either added to an existing Engineering/Engineering Technology program or serve as a standalone certificate for workforce development program​.  

As the educational component of Nano Dimension, NDEAR also trains and certifies faculty through our “Train-the-Trainers” program free of charge.

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Nano Dimension Education and R&D Grant Guide

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Massachusetts Technology Collaborative

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Nano Dimension Research Opportunities

Prototype Cutting-Edge Electronics in Your Lab

Nano Dimension works closely with academic and research institutions across the globe to empower tomorrow’s scientists and innovators with Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME), precision Micro Additive Manufacturing, and deep learning neural network AI.

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Having the most advanced Industry 4.0 technology in your lab attracts top academic talent as well as commercial partners. Nano Dimension’s product portfolio is used by the most advanced innovators in a wide range of engineering and experimental disciplines.

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Onshore and in-house fabrication protects your IP and sensitive research from leaking through outside vendors. Save time and cost by avoiding the supply chain – and security protocols – altogether.

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News and Events

Upcoming Conferences & Events

Nextflex Innovations Days – March 26 – March 28, 2024, Santa Clara, CA

PERC – Student Research & Community Engagement Symposium – April 2, 2024, UMass Lowell, Lowell, MA

AME User Forum – April 8, 2024, Anaheim, CA

ASTM F42 Council Meeting – April 15 – 19, 2024 – Columbus, OH

Nextflex Workshop – April 18, 2024, Binghamton University, Binghamton, NY

Mass MEP Manufacturing Your Future – May 9, 2024, Worcester, MA

Upcoming Visits & Trainings

Chicago Public Schools, Waltham, MA – March 22, 2024

University of North Texas, Denton, TX

Ontario Tech University, Oshawa, Ontario

Wichita State University, Wichita, TX

Curry College, Milton, MA

Nextflex, San Jose, CA

Auburn University, Auburn, AL

AB Tech, Asheville, NC

Northeast State Community College, Blountville, TN

North Dakota State University – May – June, 2024, Fargo, ND


FIU Training Session

Michael Keyack and Dakota Thomas, students of Florida International University, have joined Nano Dimension for a four week training session. Michael is an undergraduate in Electrical Engineering and Dakota is a PhD student in Mechanical Engineering. During their time in Boston, they are learning about AME, our additive manufacturing machines, Surface Mount Technology, and Job Skills, while also exploring inner Boston and touring some great university labs. Their advisors are flying up from Florida on their last day here, where the students will present a final project completed on the Dragonfly IV to their advisors and a panel of Nano Dimension employees.

A group of students from Tufts University presented a project featuring Nano Dimension’s Dragonfly technology at this year’s annual Robotics Summit at the Boston Convention Center. The project featured an Ingestible Pill that won the grand prize of $25k. The team consisted of Professor Sameer Sonkusale (principal investigator), Ege Cogulu (Mechanical Engineering undergraduate), Ruben Del-Rio-Ruiz (Electrical and Computer Engineering postdoctoral scholar), and Cihan Asci (Electrical and Computer Engineering PhD student).

The goal was to generate a swallowable pill that incorporates electronics technology capable of collecting data from inside the digestive track. This would serve as a more efficient and less intrusive solution for capturing gut microbiome samples (vs. current, more invasive procedures such as endoscopy or colonoscopy

We welcomed Lorenzo Arvisu to Nano Dimension as our first internship candidate. Lorenzo is a PhD student in Electrical Engineering and has joined Nano Dimension to obtain knowledge on operating and maintaining the technology, while also developing curriculum.

9/15/2023 – Nano hosted Florida International University (FIU) at its U.S. headquarters for a tour and technology discussion. The FIU team consisted of Dr. Cheng-Yu Lai and Dr. Daniela Radu.

Join our growing list of institutions

Instituto Italiano de Technologia
Instituto Politecnico Nacional
University of Technology, Sydney
Smaller, lighter micro electro-mechanical systems

Small, flexible packages harness surface acoustic waves for biomechanical monitoring.

Breakthrough Innovation

A product of DragonFly 3D printing, this new antenna is being applied to the Internet of Healthcare Things (IoHT).

New Class of Device

Compact, wearable, and capable of collecting vital signs in real time, these devices are examples of next-level medical device design.

Faster PCB Assembly

With the fast-growing electronics industry in Mexico, IPN is now training a new generation of engineers on the most advanced SMT technologies available.

Like a Fox

With the newest Fox PCB solder paste dispenser by Essemtec, students are developing and producing proprietary devices for other organizations.

Assembly On-Demand

The faculty is focused on training future engineers to tackle the smallest components as well as advanced dispensing processes necessary for the industry.

Ideal for 5G

3D-printed low profile antenna array ushers in a new era of 5G IoT.

Small Size, High Performance

3D-printed vertical metal layers deliver wide bandwidth and low profile.

New Classes of Parts

New beam-forming AiP is urgently needed and can only be produced using 3D fabrication.

Groundbreaking technology that gives researchers the freedom to instantly create

Nano Dimension’s DragonFly prints fully functional 3D electronic circuitry in-house.

Researchers can also explore free-form printing of metals and dielectric polymers for entirely new applications.

Unprecedented Form Factors

Multiply layers and freely form connections inside 3D electronic devices


Fabricate embedded antennas, coils and other high-performance passive components


Immediately test in-house, proofs of concept at low cost

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