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Innovations in the Automotive Industry with Industry 4.0

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Accelerating automotive research & innovation

Prototyping cutting-edge electronics for automotive

Prototyping cutting-edge electronics for automotive

Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME) enable you to create optimized electromechanical parts for advanced automotive designs.

Nano Dimension helps you drive towards smarter product innovations in:

•Electric Vehicles

•Autonomous driving

•Real-time connectivity with advanced 5G devices

Using GIS inkjet technology for direct-to-shape coating and graphics printing onto automotive parts opens new markets, simplifies production processes and reduces cost.

The precise drop placement of inkjet means that processes can be simplified, and material use reduced.

•  No more manual masking

•  Precise coating of complex shapes and patterns

•  Item by item customization

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Device miniaturization for more efficient designs

Nano Dimension’s precision micro additive manufacturing (MicroAM) enables the rapid, agile prototyping and production of increasingly miniaturized functional parts. This enables the development of increasingly sophisticated products at much smaller sizes.

MicroAM delivers parts that enable the following:

•Miniaturized in-cabin elements

•Micro Connectors


•Micro injection molded tooling

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Produce Cutting Edge Electronics in Your Lab

Touch Sensors at Rehau
GIS Atlas® Direct-to-Shape Studio
Better Sensors

Fast prototyping and proof of concept of specialized touch sensors, with non-standard shapes.

Agile Performance

3D printed circuit boards enable  deliver the advantages of highly agile prototyping


DragonFly AME enables the creation of non-uniform shapes for new classes of device

Seamless Integration

With robotics and inkjet technology

Efficient Inkjet

For applying protective hard coats or full color graphics to vehicle components

Maximum Quality

Optimized print path and graphics shape for maximum print / coating quality

Groundbreaking technology that provides researchers the freedom to instantly create and innovate

Enabling production of fully functional 3D printed electronic circuitry and non-planar functional parts, in-house, to explore research that enable free-form printing of metals and dielectric polymers

Form Factor

Enables fabrication of free form 3D electro-mechanical devices


Enables printed 3D antennas/coils and eliminates loss-generators


In-house, easy to use, concept validation

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