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The first additively manufactured RF amplifier launched into space in March 2021

of Potential Applications



New horizons for additive processes are now emerging in  autonomous flight systems, drones, mini-satellites and more

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Generate 3D printed electronic circuit board prototypes and micro parts within hours without reliance on outside vendors

Accelerating global research innovation, on demand

Faster Development, Shorter Time-to-Market

From device miniaturization and customization to lightweight design and shorter development cycles, Micro-AM and Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME) are fast becoming indispensable for aerospace designers.

Nano Dimension’s groundbreaking technologies make new innovations possible.

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With radically new form factors, reduced time-to-build, cost savings, and up to 50% weight reduction, the sky’s the limit for 3D printed electronics in aerospace and defense applications.

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Onsite 3D printing of micro parts and electronics, means less wasted time and money on shipping and security protocols to outsourced fabricators.

Risk of leaking sensitive IP are eliminated with Nano Dimension’s new additive manufacturing solutions.

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Reinvent Electronics in Your Lab

L3 Harris RF Circuit
UTS RF Antenna
Freznel Dual Frequency Lens for Millimeter wave
First In Space

3D printed communications circuit goes to the Space station

Optimum Performance

Monolithic heterogeneous circuit delivers comparable performance to traditionally-produced circuits

Rapid Iteration

Evaluate several design variations at the same time and iterate within hours

Ideal for 5G

3D printed low profile ushers in a new era of 5G IoT

Small Form, High Performance

3D printed vertical metal layers deliver wide bandwidth and low profile

New Classes of Parts

New beam-forming IP is urgently needed and can only be produced using 3D fabrication.

Leap in Innovation

Miniaturized packaged arrays that maintain essential performance.

Previously Impossible

Merging of two single-band FZP metalens operating at distinct frequency bands seamlessly into one

Reliable Performance

Radiation performance of the dual-band FZP lens is found to be comparable to that of each single FZP metalens.

Groundbreaking technology that gives researchers the freedom to instantly create

Nano Dimension’s DragonFly prints fully functional 3D electronic circuitry in-house.

Researchers can also explore free-form printing of metals and dielectric polymers for entirely new applications.

Unprecedented Form Factors

Multiply layers and freely form connections inside 3D electronic devices


Fabricate embedded antennas, coils and other high-performance passive components


Immediately test in-house, proofs of concept at low cost

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Innovation: Sphere Phased Array Antenna

Rather than receiving signals from one direction this 3D-printed sphere phased array antenna picks up beams from four directions. Each pyramid can function as either a transmitter or receiver. 
IoT Sensors for Temperature and Humidity
3D-fabricated Integrated Electronics Can Take Us Beyond Moore’s Law
Agile hardware Development of Electronics with Additive Manufacturing
The development of wearable sensors made possible by DragonFly and AME technology

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