Why Nano Dimension?

We’re Reinventing Manufacturing

Transforming the World to Industry 4.0

We foresee the rise of a post-industrial manufacturing model with:

  • Re-shored production in local labs
  • Customizable small runs on demand
  • Environmentally sustainable processes
  • Intelligent, self-improving automation
  • Radical innovation in the scale and design of products

Growing Capabilities

We’re assembling the most inventive minds in science and technology from around the world.

Our growing knowledge base includes diverse disciplines — from chemistry, nanoparticle materials and electronics, to image processing, robotics, and neural network machine learning (ML).

With 24 patents and new applications every month, Nano Dimension is driven by an engineering quest towards integration and innovation.

Proven Technology for Superior Products

We’re a company of inventors, for inventors.

Our hardware and software solutions are especially tuned to our customers in research & development, whether in aerospace, scientific research, automotive, medical, or commercial products.

We listen to our clients’ current manufacturing challenges and match them with expert services and intelligent automation.

The First to Apply AI to Additive Manufacturing

With artificial intelligence, a production machine becomes more than just a printer, but a node in a self-learning, self-coordinating network.

Once manufacturing processes become fully digital, production machines can be networked across a lab or across the globe.

Realtime deep learning will interconnect with the tech advancements that are emerging today and in the future.

Global Infrastructure Global Reach

Our company is multicultural by nature. Our people and their innovative contributions originated in several different countries. Our organization continues to expand its international footing close to the world centers of technical creativity.

Nano Dimension is a rapidly-growing global operation with locations in USA, Israel, Germany, Australia, Switzerland and United Kingdom

We’re building something that has never been done before

Now So Can You

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