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The Material Advantage of DragonFly™

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Get to know the barrier-breaking inks developed especially for the DragonFly™ platform


AgCite® Silver Conductive Ink

Our formula of silver nano-particles are optimized for sintering and curing.

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Tightly Controlled Particle Sizes

Pure silver particles of 10 to 100 nanometers maintain highly predictable conductivity in traces as small as 75 μm.

Environmentally Sound

With less oxidation and less toxicity than copper, AgCite presents a cleaner industry alternative.

Dielectric Polymer

Our proprietary dielectric material provides both insulation and structure.

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Stability and Durability

Our UV-curable acrylate ink is ready for application in a wide range of industries.

High Resolution

Allows the creation of 3D printed High-Performance Electronic Devices (HiPEDs) with 18µm resolution.

Unique Compatibility

Together these advanced formulas solve the biggest obstacles to print complex circuit boards with speed and precision.

Concurrent Deposition

Both dielectric and conductive inks are simultaneously printed and cured  using infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) systems.

Little to No Material Waste

In contrast to traditional PCBs, the inks for DragonFly generate negligible waste and are recyclable.

Electronic Devices

3D-Printed Bow Tie Antenna

DragonFly makes it possible to 3D print antennas and arrays using conductive nano-particle silver and dielectric inks.

Sphere Phase Array Antenna

5G wireless demands improved performance, functionality and increased miniaturization.

IoT Wi-Fi Access Point

This IoT Wi-Fi access point achieved data transmission and reception accuracy of over 99%.

Inductor for Wireless Charger

DragonFly creates new classes of inductors through innovative layout and construction.

DragonFly IV is changing how electronics are made


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