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Fully Functional Populated Electronic Devices

Create Fully Functional Populated Electronic Devices

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Leverage proven technologies to generate end-to-end prototyping of Additively Manufactured Electronics



  • Combined place & dispense processes
  • Small footprint
  • Expandable in any direction
  • Mineral cast chassis
  • Nonstop feeder & production
  • Fast, durable linear motors
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DragonFly® IV

  • Multi-material, multi-layer printer
  • Generates entire circuits
  • Ensures IP protection
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Designs from concept to validation
  • Lowers R&D operation costs
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Essemtec Fox is a proven surface-mount-technology (SMT) pick-and-place system that allows for printed circuit board (PCB) placement accuracy and speed, with high-quality engineering.

DragonFly IV® is a multi-material 3D printing system able to craft functional circuit boards and electronic devices within hours by simultaneously depositing proprietary conductive and dielectric substances, while integrating in-situ capacitors, antennas, coils, transformers, and electromechanical components.

Side-by-side they are a complete AME prototyping solution that accelerates the assemblyprocess, overcomes soldering challenges, protects IP, and creates supplementary internal synergy.

Combining AME & SMT maximizes R&D possibilities

DragonFly® IV

  • PoC for 3D Hi-PEDs
  • Build volume 160x160x3mm
  • Conductive and dielectric inks
  • Conductivity 30% ± 5%
  • 75/100µm L/S
  • 150µm VIA
  • Low thickness variation <5%
  • IST (IPC-650) over 300 thermal cycles (RT to 100°C)
  • HATS (IPC-650) over 500 thermal cycles (0 to 70°C)
  • Footprint: 1400x800x1800mm


  • Stand alone configuration
  • 1 pick and place head
  • More than 5000 cph
  • Feeder package 8mm-24mm tape
  • Tray for single component
  • Solder paste jet value build in
  • Dispensing speed up to 100,000 dph
  • Case size 01005 (0.4×0.2mm)
  • User-friendly SW, Gerber file import
  • Footprint W/O hood 880x1090mm

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