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Faster production of micro devices compared to traditional methods



Bypass the limits of the supply chain for immediate results



Ready for the fourth industrial revolution? It’s starting now.

Nano Dimension accelerates product design and development

The Agility of Additive Manufacturing
  • Produce prototypes in hours.
  • Perform testing on devices faster.
  • Increase the frequency of iterations by 10X.
  • Get products to market faster than your competition.

  • Increase productivity with integrated, autonomous, self-learning systems, coming soon.
  • Easily build scalable and seamless assembly lines.
  • Let neural network artificial intelligence (AI) drive quality checks and production flow.
  • Go beyond planar to develop new, novel classes of 3D PCBs.
  • Reduce environmental impact through clean processes with almost no waste.
  • Protect your intellectual property by generating components in-house.

Produce Cutting Edge Electronics

Peleg Levin, CTO:

“The mobile phone market each year sees very rapid changes and development, so we need to adapt quickly, iterate, adjust the design, and with the help of Fabrica’s technology, we are able to adapt rapidly to various camera model designs. Since we intend to embed our device in mobile phones, we are talking about millions of parts per year. We see that with Fabrica we can reach these numbers easily.” 

Groundbreaking technology that gives researchers the freedom to instantly create

Nano Dimension’s DragonFly prints fully functional 3D electronic circuitry in-house. Researchers can also explore free-form printing of metals and dielectric polymers for entirely new applications.

Form Factors

Multiply layers and freely form connections inside 3D electronic devices


Fabricate embedded antennas, coils and other high-performance passive components


Immediately test in-house, proofs of concept at low cost

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