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PHYTEC Case Study

Bodo Huber, PHYTEC


“It takes us 12-18 hours depending on the size and complexity of a board to print a PCB... So within one working day, our production facility gets access to the first new PCB of a new design”
- Bodo Huber, CTO of PHYTEC


PHYTEC, German embedded systems developer, quickly and economically produces complex PCB prototypes with Nano Dimension’s DragonFly™ 2020 3D Printer.


With functionally accurate, 3D printed prototypes, PHYTEC can:

  • Complete more design revisions in less time
  • Empower customer feedback through an improved validation process
  • Help its customers accelerate time to market.


In this case study, learn how Nano Dimension’s technologies for 3D printed electronics enable PHYTEC to save time and reduce cost, while also optimizing product performance. 

Save Time and Lower Costs with 3D Printed Electronics