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Nano Dimension Education and R&D Grant Guide

At Nano Dimension, we’re inspired by innovation and our quest to reinvent manufacturing. If you and your students are too, we invite you to further advance your interest, education, and research & development related to Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME).

This guide is designed to help you identify grants for 3D printing, Advanced Electronics, and education. This clickable guide has information on grants for higher education and workforce development that can be used for Nano Dimension products, related materials, and training.

Table of Contents

Grant Guide (US & Europe)

US Grant Opportunities
Manufacturing USA
The National Science Foundation
Mazda Foundation Grant
State-Managed Programs

European Grant Opportunities
Horizon Europe Fund
European Defense Fund
Recovery and Resilience Fund
Cohesion Policy Fund
France National Funding Options
UK National Funding Options
Germany National Funding Options
Italy National Funding Options

Successful Grant Examples

Start by planning and preparing
Follow proper protocols
Plan out implementation
Find sources and build a strategic list
Study a successful application
Develop a template for key elements
Source compelling statistics and facts
Request a precise, accurate amount
Workshop your writing
Proof your application

Ten Tips to Help Secure Funding

How Nano Dimension Can Help Your Institution or Research

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