Nov 3, 2022

Nano Dimension Partners With UTS Motorsports Electric

Ladies & Gentlemen … Start Your Engines!

The UTS Motorsports Electric car: Ramona

As the cars navigate the final turn and accelerate down the straight-away, Nano Dimension will have a keen interest in who will get the checkered flag at one very special race! That’s because we are a proud sponsor and partner of the UTS Motorsports Electric team in this year’s Formula SAE-A event.

The Formula SAE-A race is put on by the Society of Automotive Engineers – Australia (SAE-A), and is a competition where university students design, build and compete in their very own Formula-style, open-wheeled racing car. This year’s competition, combining static and endurance events, will be held on December 8-11 at the Winton Motor Raceway in Victoria. It will feature teams from all the major universities in Australia, New Zealand, and surrounding regions.

Designed and built to a stringent formula, the Nano Dimension-sponsored vehicle – codenamed Ramona and prominently displaying the Nano Dimension logo – was revealed on November 1 in front of an enthusiastic crowd at the launch event in Sydney.

The UTS Motorsports Electric team poses for a photo by “Ramona” for this year’s race

Nano Dimension is providing training in Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME) for the motorsports technical team, as well as application support for printing and designing PCI (circuit) boards generated from its DragonFly IV AME machine. The team also gets access to Nano Dimension marketing assets.

Through this collaboration, dozens of electrical and mechatronics engineering students are learning and creating AME, and Nano Dimension is strengthening its relationship with the UTS engineering faculty, students, and staff.

“We couldn’t be happier working with these talented individuals who put so much effort and hard work into bringing their vision to life,” said Omer Tangi, Nano Dimension’s Australia Country Manager. “They live and breathe the spirit of prototyping and innovation that defines Nano Dimension!”

Formula SAE-A has been embraced by universities since its 2000 inception, providing an exciting, challenging, and realistic platform which enables the students to put into practice the outcomes of their studies. Each December, thousands of students, volunteers, and spectators get to experience around thirty-five university teams pitting their machines head-to-head in this educational and competitive program. And its success is spreading. The event is now also attracting teams from across the world including UK, Germany, India, Japan, New Zealand, and the USA.

The competition provides an environment for students to develop problem-solving and outcome-focused management skills within a resource-limited organization that the industry is seeking in the next-generation STEM workforce. Team members are often sought after for their unique skill sets in engineering, management, leadership, teamwork, marketing, and finance, that they hone via this real-life commercial project.

Nano Dimension is excited to be part of Team UTS Motorsports Electric and help create the next generation of innovators and leaders of tomorrow’s mobility and transport technologies sector.

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