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Printed Electronics: Choosing the Right Ink for Your Application

Choosing the right ink is a critical success factor for fast, simple and affordable creation of printed electronics prototypes and electronically functional prints. Yet, when evaluating production systems and processes, many designers and manufacturers often neglect to take into consideration factors like ink conductivity, customization and cost.

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Topics: Conductive Inks, Cost, Materials, Ink Considerations

How can RFID tags cost 1 cent?

An example of a generic RFID chip

As far back as 2001, we have been watching the RFID industry very keenly and asking ourselves “When will a RFID tag ever cost 5 cents?Imagination turned to reality in 2012 and since then, major stores such as Marks & Spencer have been jumping on board the RFID ship. Near-instant inventory tracking became a reality and out-of-stock situations suddenly became a rare occurrence. Unquestionably, the ROI has been higher than expected and executives on all levels have given themselves a pat on their back for a risk well taken.

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Topics: Cost, Copper Etching, Silver Prices, RFID, Antenna, inkjet, Printed Electronics