Feb 23, 2024

TTH Expands Its Customer Offerings Thanks to Tera 250vx

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TTH, an Ohio-based advanced contract manufacturer, expanded its offerings with the Nano Dimension Tera 250vx micro-additive manufacturing system, investigating the viability of plating plastic parts as alternatives to solid metal ones to meet customer demands for lighter, cost-effective solutions without sacrificing durability. Leveraging the Tera 250vx technology, TTH produced plastic microparts with precision, allowing for quick iterations and meeting dimensional requirements comparable to traditionally manufactured metal parts, thus gaining a competitive advantage in the micro-metal manufacturing market. By printing parts in-house and then plating them with a multilayer process, TTH achieved metal-plated parts with retained dimensional accuracy on features as small as 40 microns, paving the way for future applications tailored to specific end-use needs.

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