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Commercial Industries

Commercial Industries Served

The virtually limitless design flexibility afforded by the DragonFly™ Pro System allows its application in multiple industries, from aerospace and defense to consumer electronics and IoT.


In the classified world of the defense industry, product confidentiality, manufacturing independence and rapid product iteration are critical.


With the rising demand for smart, connected, autonomous and electrified vehicles, automotive industry manufacturers need fast, reliable solutions to build competitive products using compact electronic components and sensors quickly and cost-effectively.

avi aerospace

3D printed electronics solves many of the design challenges of the aviation industry. Confidential in-house 3D printing provides capabilities for printing complex, professional circuit boards, sensors, antennas and other non-planar electronics.

shutterstock_437098156 - consumer iot

The rush to stay ahead of the competition and meet ever-increasing customer demands for the next wearable, smart phone, smart home device and other smart, connected products keeps consumer electronics manufacturers at the forefront of electronic product design innovation.

shutterstock_557950687 - telecom

As the telecommunications industry undergoes a massive surge in wireless, IoT and connected solutions, manufacturers seeking a competitive edge require more agile electronic development processes.

shutterstock_152038148 - med devices

3D printing technology is already transforming the healthcare industry, from printing medical devices to producing functional pre-clinical parts, enabling rapid medical advancements and paving the way for new applications.


High performance materials for PCB production

& Efficient

Get prototypes on hand within hours, not weeks


Creativity not stifled by complexity or layer count

& Secure

Not outsourcing means lower costs; no IP security risks