Jun 22, 2022


In our new eBook, we make a pretty bold statement — “precision micro-additive manufacturing has changed the economics of manufacturing!”

June 22, 2022

The thing is, it may be bold, but it is nonetheless true, and we take some time in the eBook substantiating the claim through the use of some illuminating case studies. You will see for yourself just what can be achieved in terms of tolerances, innovative geometric complexity, and part dimensions, as well as how micro-AM disrupts the conventional route to market when making precision parts.

Fabrica ebook cover image

The development of our Fabrica 2.0 micro 3D printing technology was due to an understanding of the drive towards miniaturization occurring across industry, and an appreciation of the fact that the whole precision manufacturing sector was missing out on the benefits of AM due to the lack of precision in the process.

The key driver behind the Fabrica 2.0’s ability to change the economics of manufacturing is the levels of precision that it can achieve, which for the first time allows a micro-AM process to rival the tolerances that can be achieved via micro molding. As an AM process, this level of precision is accompanied by a host of additional benefits, all of which combine to reduce the prototyping and product development time for micro parts and components or indeed micro molds.

With the Fabrica 2.0, 1 micron resolution is now attainable. With this breakthrough, the path to the creation of innovative miniaturized parts at amazing speed and reduced cost is open for all industry sectors.

In general terms, success through the use of the Fabrica 2.0 is measured in microns and hours. Micron-level detail can be achieved without the need to fabricate tools, and this means that you can have intricate and geometrically complex prototypes in a matter of hours.

When using micro AM, the absence of the requirement for a physical tool lifts the lid for design engineers to think out of the box and attain design goals previously unimaginable. This design freedom coupled with the inherent manufacturing agility that is a core characteristic of AM require a root and branch re-assessment of all aspects of the product development process, a disruption that is a spur to the stimulation of future product successes and enhanced market-share and profitability.

So, why not download a copy of the free eBook entitled “Precision Micro Additive Manufacturing – Change the Way You Think About Precision Parts” . You will be able to see for yourself how our versatile micro-AM technology is appropriate for prototyping, small batches, and mass manufacturing, and is now stimulating innovation in the micro manufacturing sector, and is truly changing the economics of manufacturing.

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