Aristo-Cast: 3D Printing Revolutionizes Investment Casting Process

Aristo-Cast Inc., a leading investment caster in Almont, Michigan, utilized its innovative Printed Investment Casting Shell (PICS) technique, enabled by Nano Dimension’s Admatec system, to swiftly produce a highly intricate oil-air separator casting with 3D printed shells and traditional investment casting methods. This resulted in a high-quality component in 17-4 PH stainless steel, cutting production time by a week and reducing costs by 60% compared to a proposed 3D metal printed alternative. The design includes optimized cored features for enhanced airflow efficiency, eliminating the need for post-production drilling and machining, and ensuring accurate positioning and sizing of crucial cored holes. Tooling-less additive manufacturing processes offer unprecedented flexibility, facilitating superior airflow performance within passages and eliminating the need for wax patterns and lengthy shell-building processes. Additionally, printed investment casting shells offer smoother surfaces compared to traditional wax patterns, enhancing airflow performance and structural integrity, ultimately revolutionizing the investment casting process with enhanced efficiency, cost savings, and superior product quality.

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