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What you can expect from our 3D fabrication services:

  • Fabricate Complex Multilayered Devices
  • Test various Designs
  • Explore new Solutions for
  • Co-design side by side with our Experts  

Our AME Technology provides the freedom to design and create free-form shapes that cannot be manufactured by any other manufacturing method. Explore and test the capabilities of 3D design and see how the fabrication can set you free from current 2D design constraints. Together with you we tailor the 2D design files to meet our 3D design rules. With our 3D printing labs around the world, we are able to guarantee quick turnaround for Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME).

Acknowledging the first steps are challenging we offer a free discovery call. Apply now and we will get in touch with you.

How it works

You want to outsource and explore new complex 3D fabrication possibilities?
We are the right match for you!

Chat with a Nano Dimension Expert

Tell us about your component and design needs

Design youR Print with us

We use STL and GERBER Files. Most common Software Programs are accepted

Print & Shipping

Receive your desired print in record time

Complex and Small 

Our revolutionary cutting-edge technology is the solution for complex multilayered high-performance electronics. Nano Dimension is the go-to provider when conventual manufacturing methods do not cut it. Save money and time with NaNoS℠.


Additive Manufacturing of 3d electronics

AME Hi-ped™

Beyond Traditional Manufacturing