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Nano Dimension Survey: Manufacturers Look to Conductive Inks for Flexibility, Low-Heat Sintering and Substrate Options

Nano Dimension Survey: manufacturers look to conductive inks for flexibility, low-heat sintering and substrate options

Manufacturers of a broad range of applications share a common interest in learning how conductive inks for 3D printers can improve their end products, simplify their manufacturing processes, and lower their costs. Whether they develop RFID antennas, sensors, contacts and traces, ceramic cores or other electronic circuits, there is increasing attention being paid to the features and benefits of specialty inks.


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Topics: Conductive Inks, 3D Printer, Nanoparticle inks

Silver Nanoparticle Inks: Enabling New Applications Across Industries

Conductive Silver Nanoparticle Inks enable a simpler, cleaner and more cost-effective way to lay down conductive traces

RFID tags printed on can by Nano Dimension 

Conductive inks are instrumental in the development of modern electronics, as they enable a simpler, cleaner and more cost-effective way to lay down conductive traces. Emerging applications for conductive inks include RFID tags, 3D antennas, glucose sensors, and automative occupancy detection- just to name a few. The growing list of use cases has analyst predicting that the conductive inks market will reach nearly $4 billion by 2021.


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Topics: Conductive Inks, RFID, Antenna, Nanoparticle inks

Printed Electronics: Choosing the Right Ink for Your Application

Choosing the right ink is a critical success factor for fast, simple and affordable creation of printed electronics prototypes and electronically functional prints. Yet, when evaluating production systems and processes, many designers and manufacturers often neglect to take into consideration factors like ink conductivity, customization and cost.

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Topics: Conductive Inks, Cost, Materials, Ink Considerations