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Silver Nanoparticle Inks: Enabling New Applications Across Industries

Conductive Silver Nanoparticle Inks enable a simpler, cleaner and more cost-effective way to lay down conductive traces

RFID tags printed on can by Nano Dimension 

Conductive inks are instrumental in the development of modern electronics, as they enable a simpler, cleaner and more cost-effective way to lay down conductive traces. Emerging applications for conductive inks include RFID tags, 3D antennas, glucose sensors, and automative occupancy detection- just to name a few. The growing list of use cases has analyst predicting that the conductive inks market will reach nearly $4 billion by 2021.


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Topics: Conductive Inks, RFID, Antenna, Nanoparticle inks

How can RFID tags cost 1 cent?

An example of a generic RFID chip

As far back as 2001, we have been watching the RFID industry very keenly and asking ourselves “When will a RFID tag ever cost 5 cents?Imagination turned to reality in 2012 and since then, major stores such as Marks & Spencer have been jumping on board the RFID ship. Near-instant inventory tracking became a reality and out-of-stock situations suddenly became a rare occurrence. Unquestionably, the ROI has been higher than expected and executives on all levels have given themselves a pat on their back for a risk well taken.

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Topics: Cost, Copper Etching, Silver Prices, RFID, Antenna, inkjet, Printed Electronics