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NaNoS – 3D Additive Fabrication Servicesdf


Pioneering 3D designs beyond IPC rules & Rapid prototypes of complex multi-layer designs

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NaNoS, Nano Dimension AME printing services provides designers and engineers the freedom to design and produce free shapes that cannot be manufactured by any other printing method.

AME is a unique technology used by our DragonFly LDM machine which prints free form electronic boards by jetting conductive and dielectric materials simultaneously. The machine helps designers move rapidly from concept and design validation to production of precision electronic components, while keeping the entire process securely in-house. Companies can now reduce demand on prototyping and short-run manufacturing resources and lower the total cost of operation in comparison to traditional manufacturing methods.


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How does it actually work?

NaNoS printing services consist of three simple steps:


Chat With an expert

Chat with one of our application engineers regarding the most efficient way of printing your model.


Send your files

Send your CAD or SolidWorks files to optimize the printing.


Printing & Shipping the desired pieces

Your parts are printed cost effectively and shipped to you in the shortest competitive time.

The entire process would take up to a week

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Design and PoC / Prototyping of 3D AME products



DragonFly™ LDM System is an optimal tool for PoC of various AME projects. Its unique technology permits the 3D printing of specialized devices such as: side mount, sensors, antennas, coils, capacitors, and many other complex geometries. Notably, the DragonFly™ LDM can also print non-planar conductive traces, offset vias, vias without pads and other features only possible with additively manufacturing technology.

Rapid Prototype and low volume manufacturing of AME 2D Circuits


DragonFly™ LDM System is also most suitable for Rapid Prototype production as well as low volume manufacturing of AME 2D Circuits, which conventional manufacturers do not supply. The AME technology can easily print blind or buried vias in high quality and low cost, and as much as 55 layers to minimize the board’s size. The process includes Manual/Automatic pick & place as well as soldering. Furthermore, high volume of small parts can be printed on one wafer at maximum quality and minimum price for each unit.


Printed item Picture # of printed units in one batch Height in mm # of layers Size in mm  
Multilayers PCB 1 1.6 2 to 55 160 x 160  
Filters 1   4 40 x 10  
Sensors 1   2 40 x 40  
RF Antenna 3 2 2 43 x 34  
Integrated Capacitor 2 1.55 20 70 x 35  
Coils 4 2.94 9 26 x 171  
Vertical integrated 4 1.98   37 x 152  
Side Mount 5 1.8 2 30 x 20  

* The printed objects are restricted to be within our design rules

  • “Nano Dimension’s AME technology helped us to achieve an original product prototype in which wires and connectors were eliminated such that the package was minimized to obtain an optimal user experience. It simplifies the manufacturing process compared with traditional manufacturing methods,”

    Dr. Francesco Guido, CTO of Piezoskin S.R.L.
    Dr. Francesco Guido, CTO of Piezoskin S.R.L.

  • “Military sensor solutions require performance and reliability levels far above those of commercial components.” said HENSOLDT CEO, Thomas Müller. “To have high-density components quickly available with reduced effort by means of 3D printing gives us a competitive edge in the development process of such high-end electronic systems.”

    HENSOLDT CEO, Thomas Müller.
    HENSOLDT CEO, Thomas Müller.

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