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Additive Manufacturing for Dual Functionality with Flexible Electronics

flexi-buttonThe DragonFly™ Pro System can 3D print rigid-flex electronic components, consisting of both rigid and flexible parts. Designs can now combine the best of both worlds — rigidity where mechanical strength is needed and flexibility where bending is required, all the while having conductive traces run within them to provide electronic functions.

Being able to print both mechanical characteristics in one component and one non-stop 3D print job means that the final product can be more compact and less complex than its multi-part predecessors, which depended on separate bulky connectors and assembly steps. The highly precise and flexible additive manufacturing process afforded by the DragonFly™ Pro System, powered by its groundbreaking ability to simultaneously 3D print dielectric polymer and highly conductive nano-silver ink, also provides the freedom designers need in experimenting with more varied mechanical properties and novel geometries.

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