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3D Printing for Rapid Prototyping in Aerospace and Aviation

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Additive manufacturing of electronics solves many of the design challenges of the aviation industry. With the level of precision afforded by Nano Dimension's DragonFly™ Pro System, it is now possible to print complex, professional PCBs, sensors, antennas and other non-planar electronics that pack
 more functionality in smaller footprints and customizable parts that were impossible to create before. With onsite printing, there is no need to lose time and money shipping designs out for manufacturing, nor place proprietary IP at risk.

Nano Dimension’s groundbreaking technology makes innovation possible for its aerospace customers. From device miniaturization and customization to increasing precision and printing lightweight parts quickly, 3D printed electronics is fast becoming indispensable for aerospace designers.

With the DragonFly™ Pro System, aerospace product designers can perform tests and iterate on the go, enabling rapid prototyping, innovative circuit design and improved performance. With new possibilities in design innovation, reduced time-to-build, and cost savings, the sky’s the limit for 3D printed electronics in the aerospace industry.

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