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Nano Dimension Add-in For SOLIDWORKS 

Multi material electronics design for 3D printing made easy







Simplify Electronics Design For 3D Printing 


The Nano Dimension add-in works seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS software to create a design environment enhanced for multi-material 3D printing of electronics. The custom add-in, makes it easier and faster to create complex electronic components that have broad functionality. 



Conventional editing software for 3D-printed electronics, limits users to design parts made of a single material, such as metal or polymer. The SOLIDWORKS add-in for the DragonFly 2020 Pro allows users to design components made of different materials simultaneously.

With the Nano Dimension add-in, SOLIDWORKS design capabilities are enhanced, and any design that contains conductors can be edited without leaving the SOLIDWORKS design environment.

Users can subdivide an object, select conductive or insulating materials for each specific component of the object and then produce the circuit in a single inkjet printing process with the DragonFly 2020 Pro. Being able to 3D print conductive and electrical insulators in a single structure with the high precision that inkjet printing offers, enables the electronics industry to produce fully functional components such as embedded electronics, 3D antennae and sensors.


Work Smarter and Design More Complex 3D Prints

Electronic product developers can now design complex geometric structures, easily add metals and polymers to prototypes, avoid costly rework and speed time-to-market with the Nano Dimension add-in for SOLIDWORKS. This tool allows designers to work smarter, not harder with a superior approach to multi-material additive manufacturing.

Nano Dimension's multi-material design process is a significant advancement in 3D design capabilities and was developed as a direct response to the needs of mechanical and electrical engineers to 3D print complex prototypes designed in SOLIDWORKS. The add-in is the first tool of its kind to enable a leap from 2D to 3D electronics. 


Electromagnet design file with conductive and insulating materials developed in Nano Dimension’s add-in for SOLIDWORKS.png           The Nano Dimension SOLIDWORKS Add-in lets designers easily edit and print any 3D print design with conductors.png

Electromagnet design file with conductive and insulating materials developed                    The Nano Dimension SOLIDWORKS Add-in lets designers easily edit and print 

                         in Nano Dimension’s add-in for SOLIDWORKS                                                                          any 3D print design with conductors                                                                                                                                                               

The Nano Dimension add-in for SOLIDWORKS is free to download, and use. The add-in is compatible with SOLIDWORKS 2016 and later. Just fill in the form below to install.

Install the SOLIDWORKS Add-in