Aug 5, 2018

Switch Software: The key 3D design enabler to turn your electronic product ideas into reality

Switch interface

Switch software interface

There is little doubt that rapid prototyping with additive manufacturing techniques confer huge benefits for companies designing today’s modern electronic products. However, moving to 3D printing is no easy task, given the many workflow differences compared to the complexity and repetitive stages of traditional PCB prototyping processes.

At Nano Dimension, a key aspect of our work is to facilitate this transition towards in-house additive manufacturing. On the software front, we have got things covered with Switch, our proprietary pre-processing application that enables operators to seamlessly prepare PCB designs for 3D printing on the DragonFly Pro 3D printer.


How Switch works


Here’s a simple walkthrough video to demonstrate the User Interface and functionalities of the Switch application.


Switch enables 3D printing with traditional PCB design formats


An important feature of Switch that enables seamless transition into an additive manufacturing workflow is that the software accepts the most common file formats in the electronics industry – Gerber and Excellon. Multilayer 3D files can be prepared from these standard files, with the software allowing for adjustments in numerous parameters such as layer order and thickness. When the job is ready to be printed, operators can simply load the design file from Switch straight into the DragonFly Pro 3D Printer.

The entire workflow can be summarized in the diagram below.


switch flowchart

The entire design process using the DragonFly Pro 3D printer, starting from Individual Gerber files


With its optimized fusion of compatibility and flexibility, Switch considerably reduces the risks inherent in innovation. Companies will be able to concurrently develop the electrical and mechanical aspects of PCB designs and push out their new 3D designs much faster than before.


Switch is always improving


Since we first released Switch back in 2016, we have been continuously updating the application to improve its performance and user interface. Our almost-quarterly updates ensure that Switch will continue to be a relevant and powerful tool that helps users settle seamlessly into an in-house 3D printing workflow with the DragonFly Pro 3D Printer.

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