Jun 4, 2021

The Latest Admaflex Software Is A Complete Solution

Admaflex Software Prompt
Admaflex software prompt showing a running a print build

The Admaflex 130 is an open system that comes standard with complete software which provides full control of the printing process. The Admaflex user interface allows you to slice the part, add support structures, apply offsets, and customize and optimize parameters before and during the printing process. This means no separate PC is needed and no additional modules need to be purchased to have full access to all parameters and functions.

For traceability of the printing process, log files are stored automatically. The software allows you to use commercially available materials and the flexibility to develop own materials. A unique standard software feature is the “multi-part printing”, that enables you to control light exposure settings for each individual layer and for each individual part, speeding up your development and Design of Experiments.

We just released software version with many additional features and improvements, such as:

Automatic support generation

The Admaflex user interface can directly open STL files of geometries generated by your CAD system, rotate, scale up, slice, duplicate and apply offsets, so there is no need for an external PC with separate slicing software license.

The new Automatic support generation feature is ideal for geometries which do not have a flat side to start with, such as medical implants and jewelry. The automatic support generation software allows to create quickly and easily, different types of support structures.

The amount of supports can be chosen by varying the support angle. Between the support and the model, a gap can be created, which allows easy removal of the part.

Vision based monitoring with enhanced video player

Vision Based Process Monitoring Admatec

The Vision based monitoring features allows to make time lapse videos of the print job. A video player has been added, allowing you to view any recording made by the printer, directly on the printer.

The video player supports scrolling through the video, pausing the video at any point and changing the playback speed. Right below the video the print action in the video is also displayed together with time and layer information.

This video player makes it very easy to quickly trace back any point in the printing process and, in connection with the logfile which contains all printing parameter settings, directly see what was happening with the print.

Remote process monitoring with possibility to pause/continue the print job

When the Admaflex machine is connected via Ethernet to your company network, you can have remote access to the machine, for easy exchange of print files and log files.

The remote connection also allows monitoring of the print job, including real-time video capture. New in the web interface is the option to pause the current print job. This allows you to immediately react to what is happening on the printer from anywhere you are. If you notice an issue and are currently not near the printer, you can pause it remotely, go to the printer to fix the problem, and then continue the print job.

For more information or an update of your machine, please contact us.

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