Mar 27, 2018

Disruptive, Transformative Effects of 3D Printing on Electronics Design and Manufacturing Talk Slated for AeroDef Manufacturing Conference


With 3D printed electronics in industries where designs are sensitive, and time-to-product is critical, sending designs off for prototyping is generally a cause for anxiety.

Because product designs for aviation and defense (A&D) applications generally are highly classified, sending them off site is not as simple as in other industries. In fact, it typically involves thoroughly vetting and providing classified clearance for the PCB quick turnaround shop. But even then, designs that must leave the confines and safety of the company that created them are at greater risk than designs that can be prototyped and tested in-house.

At Nano Dimension, we are seeing this trend up close and personal, with many A&D companies looking to us to solve the problems of off-site prototyping. By using the award-winning DragonFly 2020 Pro 3D printer, international Tier-1 suppliers of systems and equipment in A&D markets are accelerating their innovation processes with overnight prototyping and custom manufacturing of functional electronic circuits.  Current applications range from concept testing and prototyping of multilayer PCBs, to 3D printing specialized components with complex conductive geometries, sensors and LEDS.

These companies are embracing 3D printing to simplify workflows, enhance development and production times as well as product performance in terms of size, weight and environmental impact – for example by printing non-planar conductors. These are improvements that are difficult or impossible to obtain with traditional circuit fabrication methods. A&D companies are printing components with multilayer designs, vias and embedded electronics that help reduce size without compromising their performance. What’s more, they can rely on the DragonFly’s precision, reliability, and security in an industry where all three are paramount. 

The DragonFly Pro 2020 3D Printer enables the 3D-printing of functional electronics such as magnetic components, sensors, antennas, molded connected devices, printed circuit boards and other parts, to enable new options for A&D design and function. Our advanced materials and processes make it possible to print conductive and insulating materials in one print job, which make it possible to print electronic circuits directly into components.

If you’ll be at the AeroDef Manufacturing Conference this week, Nano Dimension USA President and company Co-Founder Simon Fried will speak on the disruptive and transformative effect of 3D printing on electronics design and manufacturing and how multi-material functional 3D printed electronics offers ways to grow revenue and compete with new products and applications, specifically for the A&D sector. The show runs from March 26-29 at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, Calif. The presentation, titled, “3D Printed Electronics: A New Dimension in Prototyping & Manufacturing,” takes place on Tuesday, March 27 at 3:30 pm in Room 101B.

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