Mar 20, 2019

A Look at Nano Dimension’s Q4 2018 Earnings


It’s been another good quarter for the Nano Dimension team, with steady sales growth and additional traction across industries including aerospace and defense, research, healthcare and technology.  We’ve substantially grown our roster of resellers over the last year as well, partnering and collaborating with some of the world’s foremost specialists in printing and electronics solutions.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the achievements:

Nano Dimension sold 30 DragonFly Pro systems in 2018 and generated $5.1 million in revenues. The average quarterly growth for the year was 43 percent. We’re proud to say Nano Dimension solutions are now available in 10 countries through 20 leading resellers in North America, the EMEA region and in APAC. The company also is realizing increasing revenue growth through consumables such as our specialty inks as the installed base of systems grows.

All of these highlights and more are included in our March 2019 Nano Dimension Investor Presentation, found here

Nano Dimension is the world’s leading additive electronics provider, targeting the growing demand for sophisticated electronic devices that rely on sensors, antennas and PCBs. Using the sophisticated DragonFly Pro System for additively printing electronics devices, our users have been creating multilayer circuit boards, IOT devices such as integrated circuits and RF antennas, RF amplifiers, plug-in mini boards, multilayer capacitors, sensors and more.

Our additive manufacturing solutions are mission critical and economical for our customers, and our unmatched product portfolio – highlighted by our pioneering DragonFly Pro printer – are leading the charge for Industry 4.0. Take a look at the presentation and let us know if you have any questions we can answer or if you’d like to become an investor.

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