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AME Technology –
Electronics Fabrication Never Possible Before

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The Lights-Out Digital Manufacturing (LDM®) is a manufacturing technology in which systems run with little to no intervention, around the clock. In the case of additive manufacturing, LDM® means DragonFly® users can 3D-print more functioning electronic circuitry faster, extending the DragonFly’s rapid prototyping capabilities beyond prototyping. Users can now, 3D print one-off prototypes as well as low-volume manufacturing of printed electronics.

The DragonFly LDM® augments the capabilities of the award-winning DragonFly Pro system with new proprietary, state-of-the-art technology that enables 24/7 uninterrupted 3D printing. Improvements include new advanced printer head, software management algorithms and automatic-self-cleaning of its print heads every few hours. The new system is equipped with real-time automatic material monitoring capabilities that ensure maximized runtime, optimization of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and significantly improved workflow and production processes.

The new technology minimizes the frequency and duration of scheduled downtime to typically just one weekly maintenance operation.

Multi-Material Additive Manufacturing of Printed Electronics

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Simultaneous multi-material additive manufacturing is a revolutionary approach that helps redefine the electronics of tomorrow for attributes including density, size and flexibility. The DragonFly LDM® is fitted with two printheads, one for nano-silver conductive ink and the other for dielectric polymer ink. This set-up allows the DragonFly LDM® to concurrently print with both advanced inks in a single print job.

DragonFly LDM® inkjet deposition system is setting new precision standards for 3D printed electronics, making it ideal for industries with the most demanding design and quality requirements, such as aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, healthcare and more.

Virtually Limitless Design Flexibility

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About AME Technology

Additive Manufacturing Electronics (AME) technology is a unique technique to print Hi-PEDs® – High-Performance Electronic Devices, layer by layer, from scratch. Hi-PEDs® are electronic boards with complex geometries that cannot be produced in the traditional PCB manufacturing process. The technology injects simultaneously dielectric polymer ink and conductive silver ink from special printer called DragonFly LDM®.

AME technology presents significant advantages over traditional manufacturing processes. For example, in printed antennas:

  • It quickly adjusts to the required size of the pads and their distances between the layers, hence reducing the proof of concept (PoC) production time.
  • It enables the printing of several types of antennas as one unit in a single print step, unlikely the traditional way in which antennas are assembled from multiple parts prepared by various technologies.
  • It enables varied PoCs components to be printed on the same batch, which accelerates the optimization process.
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