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SWITCH Software Package

Powering the DragonFly LDM® 2.0 is SWITCH, our proprietary 3D-optimized software package that prepares electronic designs for printing on the DragonFly LDM® 2.0. SWITCH supports traditional electronics industry file formats such as Gerber, VIA and DRILL.

It presents a unique interface that displays a detailed and accurate rendering of a design’s structure, thus facilitating a highly precise 3D print job.

With SWITCH, users can adjust many characteristics of the 3D file, such as layer thickness, conductor width, layer order, punching, rotation options as well as the shape or object outline. In addition, the software helps optimize the printing process by maximizing the use of the printing surface.

Switch - Optimized Software Package

Hipeds for Non-Planar, Multi-Materials Electronics Fabrication

Gruppe 432@2x

Nano Dimension's free add-in for SOLIDWORKS software creates a design environment optimized for 3D printing multi-material electronics. For the first time, complex prototypes consisting of both polymers and metals can be designed in SOLIDWORKS and 3D printed on the DragonFly LDM® 2.0 in a single build process.

Such a stride in electronics design makes it possible to 3D print complex non-planar structures with embedded electronics* using the DragonFly LDM® System for Precision Additive Manufacturing of Printed Electronics.

Conventional electrical design software (EDA) is not well suited for designing non-planar electronics as it usually limits users to planar designs, treating interconnects as an afterthought. In contrast, Nano Dimension’s unique add-in allows designers to easily edit and 3D print designs that contain components such as conductors without leaving SOLIDWORKS. It’s as simple as using point-and-click to subdivide objects, automatically choosing conductive or insulating materials for different components and sending it for 3D printing.

Gruppe 358@2x

Work Smarter Towards Complex 3D Prints

The ability to 3D print conductive and insulating material in a single structure enables product developers to design and create complex functional components such as printed circuit boards (PCBs), flexible electronics, antennas/ RFIDs, sensors, electromagnets, molded interconnect devices (MIDs) and other experimental circuits right off the printer tray.

The DragonFly® offers designers the ability to make what is currently impossible by being the global pioneer in combining free-form objects with embedded 3D electronics. This unlocks new ways of thinking and designing towards innovative solutions for some of today's toughest product design challenges.