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3D Print Antennas and RFIDs with Greater Design Freedom and Improved Performance

ant-1The DragonFly™ Pro System makes it possible to 3D print antennas, arrays and Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags using conductive nano-particle silver and dielectric inks. This innovation enables antennas to play a role in more products and locations. Various technology applications, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), antenna-embedded packaging, flexible antennas and RFID tags are just a few examples of the future of connected devices made possible with the DragonFly™ Pro System

The level of precision afforded by the DragonFly™ Pro System allows for accurate control of the location and thickness of deposited inks, ensuring not only optimal antenna reception and transmission, but also reduced overall weight and size, as well as greater design customization. Furthermore, it has been proven that antennas produced with Nano Dimension's AgCite nano-silver ink can surpass the performance of traditional copper-based antennas. 

More technical information can be found in our RFID White Paper:

Download RFID White Paper

Even with the above benefits, production costs and time will not increase on the DragonFly™ Pro System. On the contrary, the ability to 3D print designs in-house and the speed of the DragonFly™ Pro System means that each antenna prototype can be printed in hours, instead of the typical weeks required when designs are shipped out, at extra cost, for production by sub-contractors.

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