On Demand Webinar: The Future of PCB Assembly

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Increasing your Dispensing Productivity Through Multiple Valves in a Single Platform

The PCB market is changing, rapidly. Manufacturers need to be responsive to different demands and expectations, new economic pressures, changing supply chain delays and constraints. 

Batch quantities for PCBs are falling, there is a growing demand for lower volumes at a higher mix of part types, and recruiting and retaining experienced employees remains difficult.

But throughout all of these challenges your responsiveness and productivity has to remain high while costs stay down or even decrease.

Upgrade your Flexibility: Essemtec’s dispensing solutions enable the concurrent use of 3 different valves at a time on a single platform delivering agility, efficiency, reduced cost of ownership and improved throughput.

  • Choice of 5 valves in a single platform, 3 operational at any time, to deliver streamlined, rapid assembly of PCBs
  • Reduce capital expenditure, floorspace usage, manual change processes by combining multiple dispensing processes in a single platform
  • Significantly reduce maintenance costs, and training times for shop floor staff
  • Be responsive to smaller batch sizes without the extensive set up procedures
  • Deliver product faster, reduce time to first part and build greater business efficiency

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Bryce Timms, Managing Director of Essemtec
Bryce Timms, Managing Director of Essemtec

Bryce brings a wealth of experience with him; 15 years in the capital equipment portion of the SMT and Electronics Manufacturing Industry, as well as multiple fields: service, applications, product management, and sales.  Originally from Northeast Ohio, Bryce attended college in Western North Carolina at Lees-Mcrae.  

He has traveled extensively for business and is no stranger to serving as the leading responsible role for projects in the US and several different countries.

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