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Breakthrough 3D Printing of RF Antennas Showcased by Harris Corp. at 2019 IEEE Radio & Wireless Week

Our DragonFly Pro additive manufacturing system received important recognition this week at the 2019 IEEE Radio & Wireless event in Orlando, where major US defense contractor Harris Corporation presented findings showing precision radio frequency (RF) antennas it additively printed using the DragonFly had similar performance to antennas printed using conventional equipment.

Nano Dimension 3D Printed RF Electronics Systems At the Space Frontier with Harris Corporation

This post was first published by Harris Corporation here. RF amplifier 3D printed on Nano Dimension’s DragonFly Pro System. Harris to Test 3-D Printed RF Systems in Space AN EXPERIMENT ON THE INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION WILL DELIVER CRITICAL NEW DATA ON THIS EMERGING TECHNOLOGY.  Business is booming in low Earth orbit (LEO), an altitude of only 1,200 […]

Breakthrough in 100% Additive Manufacturing of Antennas

  3D Printed PCB for RF Amplifier In June 2017, Nano Dimension clinched an Israel Innovation Authority grant for research on 3D printing electronics modules for space applications with major US defense contractor Harris Corporation. A key project within this collaboration was to study the feasibility of 3D printing radio frequency (RF) amplifiers on Nano […]