Join Essemtec, a Nano Dimension Division, at NORTEC 2022 to explore new advancements in SMT Technology and see how Nano Dimension is changing the way the world manufactures.

Featured at NORTEC will be Essemtec’s FOX — a smart-sized modular pick-and-place machine which provides:

  • Solutions for high-mix, low-volume production runs featuring multi-module lines, fast changeover times, and super-friendly software
  • A breakthrough ‘All-in-One’ product that combines multiple processes in one machine
  • Adaptive solutions that scale with the evolution of business and changing requirements for prototyping and production
  • A printed-electronics platform to produce thin foils and flexible keyboards
  • A new range of offerings in cooperation with new parent company Nano Dimension, makers of additively manufactured electronics and other advanced manufacturing technology.

Essemtec promotes an assembly line-wide strategy for the greatest gains in output.

As batch sizes decrease and setup downtimes lengthen, a system optimized for the fastest changeover can outperform a system designed for the highest placement performance.

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