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Nano Dimension is Changing the Way the World Manufactures

Nano Dimension pioneered Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME) with DragonFly, a multi-material 3D printing system able to craft functional circuit boards and electronic devices within hours.

Nano Dimension’s one-of-kind 3D electronics printing capability is made possible by inkjet deposition of both metal and polymer materials simultaneously. You can see it in action at booth at the International Microwave Symposium!

Secondly, let’s not forget our Fabrica 2.0 printer brings micron-level precision to the smallest of plastic parts, creating new enterprises in miniaturization and custom manufacturing.

Micro parts can be generated in house as much as 80% faster compared to traditional methods. Realize the cost savings by adding Fabrica into high-mix low-volume production and let added Micro-AM capability grow more business opportunities.

Together, these breakthrough solutions are transforming the industry by removing the old constraints on design and production.

Nano Dimension is combining unprecedented 3D printing capabilities, the most advanced factory robotics, and the best in neural-network deep learning for a total reinvention of manufacturing.

We will have experts steeped in knowledge on all of these machines available to meet with you at booth #11051. The best way to make sure we have time to chat is scheduling a time in the form below. See you soon!

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