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Consumer Electronics and IoT

The rush to stay ahead of the competition and meet ever-increasing customer demands for the next wearable, smart phone, smart home device and other smart, connected products keeps consumer electronics manufacturers at the forefront of electronic product design innovation. The ability to print multi-layer circuit prototypes for concept validation or testing in hours instead of waiting weeks for new prototypes is already changing workflows. Now with 3D printed electronics, developers and manufacturers have the speed and agility to iterate more, increase the efficiency of development processes and introduce new products to market in record time and at lower cost.

With new capabilities for embedding components, printing circuitry directly into products or parts, enabling device miniaturization and customization, 3D printed electronics represents a major advantage for smart product manufacturers. In the past, smart products had to be made of multiple separate parts or components. No longer. 3D printing advanced circuits with complex geometries, smart surfaces and non-planar electronic components will enable leaps and bounds in product innovation, increasing functionality while decreasing size and numbers of parts.

Sitting at the heart of digital manufacturing and offering technology to 3D print electronic prototypes in-house,  the DragonFly 2020 Pro is set to become the new standard in the way smart products are designed and manufactured. Forget lengthy design processes, multi-stage prototyping, costly iterations, and one-size-fits-all thinking, 3D printed electronics is enabling a new age of customized and on-demand electronics. From faster development to more innovative sensor, watch and wearables applications to on-site maintenance in IoT deployments additive electronics manufacturing delivers a new tool set.

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