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Advanced Materials

 Dielectric Inks & Nano Particle Conductive Inks Engineered for Printed Electronics

Highly Conductive Silver Inks for Inkjet Printers

We are proud to present our state-of-the-art AgCite™ family of nanoparticle silver inks with unparalleled conductivity for inkjet deposition.


Nano Dimension’s ink scientists can reliably extract 10-100+ nanometer-sized particles of pure silver. Our ability to control the size, shape and dispersion of the silver nanoparticles in accordance with the printing requirements of our customers is critical in formulating the best conductive inks available. This allows us to achieve the highest ink performance optimization in properties such as conductivity, adhesion and flexibility, in a wide range of applications including RFID and OLED, from the particle level all the way through formulation to the printing process itself. 


The AgCite family of inks sinters at low temperatures and is suited to a broad range of substrates including paper, polymers, glass and ITO. With unparalleled conductivity, less ink is needed for the same application requirement, bringing about major cost-savings.


 Download AgCite Ink Brochure


Dielectric Inks for Inkjet Printers

Nano Dimension has also developed a suite of dielectric inks to meet the advanced needs of the electronics community. The insulating properties of these materials is just as important and advanced as the conductive properties of the conductive inks.


For electronic circuits to function properly, properties relating to interference, adhesion, thermal dissipation and flammability have to be engineered into the ink. Our one-part insulating dielectric material provides solutions suited for both rigid and flexible circuits. For more detailed information, download our Dielectric Ink Brochure.


 Download Dielectric Ink Brochure

Why Nano Inks?


Highest conductivity in the market - 35,700,000 S/m


Nano Dimension can control the shape, size, and distribution of particles


Custom-formulated inks will work with your specific printer and substrate


We make our own inks, which is critical to understanding their complexity 


Electronic Materials for Antennas & RFID Applications

Achieve New Levels of Efficiency and Flexibility


Nano Dimension provides conductive inks specifically tailored for use in antennas, including radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology for a variety of devices including smart cards, various ID products, arrays and more.


The AgCite™ family of nanoparticle silver inks, deposited by contactless, digital, inkjet printing, deliver outstanding results. Third party tests demonstrate the inks matching industry efficiency benchmarks with 89% antenna efficiency at 2 GHz.   


As well as delivering unparalleled conductivity, this process replaces the etching process used for making most copper antennas, which is expensive, inflexible and creates toxic waste. Additional benefits include digital manufacturing flexibility as well as excellent printed line and space resolution. This allows antenna designers more flexibility when addressing the demanding requirements of today’s antenna applications.


 Download RFID White Paper

Chemistry 101

Nano Dimension boasts two fully-equipped ink laboratories. One focuses on the research and production of conductive inks, while the other focuses on dielectric inks. The labs primarily generate silver nanoparticle inks and nanopolymers for use with the DragonFly 2020 PCB 3D Printer, and also work with a variety of customers on their advanced and customized ink requirements.  


Our silver nanoparticle inkjet inks are based on a breakthrough wet-chemistry process licensed exclusively from Yissum of The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. This clean and efficient process begins with a silver precursor raw material, and provides Nano Dimension with exceptional control over the types, shapes and sizes of the silver nanoparticles. 


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