Achieving Multi-Material Ultrathin Metasurfaces with Additively Manufactured Electronics

Additively Manufactured Multi-Material Ultrathin Metasurfaces for Broadband Circular Polarization Decoupled Beams and Orbital Angular Momentum generation.

Controlling the wavefront and manipulating the polarization
of the electromagnetic wave using an ultrathin flat device are highly
desirable in many emerging fields.

To shape the wavefront between two decoupled orthogonal circular polarization states, that is, the right-hand circular polarization (RCP) and the left-hand circular polarization (LCP), most state-of-the-art metasurfaces (MSs) combine the propagation phase and Pancharatnam−Berry phase into meta-atoms.

This article proposes a different strategy to fully decouple the LCP and RCP and control their wavefronts independently. By taking advantage of the conductive and dielectric multi-material-integrated additive manufacturing technique, the proposed transmissive MS has an ultrathin thickness (0.11 free-space wavelength) and controls the LCP and RCP wavefronts independently under linearly polarized incidence illumination.

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