Realization of an optoelectronic neural interface using Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME)

The demand for more advanced optoelectronic devices has driven the development of implantable optoelectronic probes combining light delivery sites with electrodes for readout of electrochemical signals, known in the community as optrodes.

The realization of custom-designed 3D printed circuit boards (PCBs) was achieved with a Nano Dimension DragonFly 3D printer which enables PCBs that are designed around a standard 1.25mm ferrule for optical connection of the optical fiber to provide full compatibility with standard light delivery system. The additive manufacturing paradigm easily allowed definition of PCB geometries matching the needs of both acute and chronic in vivo experiments, as well as to provide cylindrical grooves for the accommodation of both the fiber and the ferrules and non-planar conductive track allowing for a
proper integration of the optrode on the PCB.

(Published by CBN-IIT June 2021)

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