On Demand Webinar: Reducing Lead Time with Precision Micro Additive Manufacturing

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Learn how Accumold used the Fabrica 2.0 to reduce lead times on injection molds from 4 weeks to 10 days

According to Roger Hargens, CEO & President of Accumold, “The impressive technology that Nano Dimension’s Fabrica Group has developed will add significant possibilities for us and our customers. With the Fabrica 2.0, we can cater to customers requiring low- to medium-sized runs economically.  The same economies of scale do not exist when using AM as opposed to traditional molding technologies.”

Watch the webinar to discover the value that the Fabrica 2.0 brings to micro molding. Manufacturing a mold involves machining steel, which takes time (CAM programming, setup time on a CNC, plunge EDM, hand polishing) and money (raw materials and labor). Especially for prototypes or low volume production runs, this is often inefficient. Depending on the complexity of the part, lead times for just the tooling can take 4-6 weeks from design to ‘ready for production.’ This is especially true at the smaller scales that micro molding requires.

While a nascent technology, Micro AM via Fabrica 2.0 has the precision and the speed to meet Accumold’s requirement and it has a huge potential for growth.

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