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Electro-Mechanical Systems

Deliver reliable RF and electronic parts integrated with 3D micro-scale mechanical assemblies

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From plastic micro-assemblies to compact electronics, Nano Dimension has the right production tools


In-house 3D printers can now produce hundreds of mechanical assemblies and plastic structural parts. Nano Dimension’s Fabrica precision micro-additive manufacturing system delivers micron-level details at 10 times the speed as other platforms. 

Read the recent case study on MultiVu’s use of Fabrica

IoT Devices

With Additively Manufactured Electronics (AME), print the structure of the device as well as conductive connectors and passive components. The DragonFly AME system can achieve traces as small as 75 µm, ideal for internet-of-things (IoT) microsensors

Compact RF Electronics

Our DragonFly 3D printer can generate circuits that conform to unusual or custom shapes while bypassing traditional space limitations of PCB layout. Print embedded RF components like coils and antennas and related circuitry all in a single step. Read the use case on the L3 Harris RF Amplifier

The future production tools for product miniaturization

DragonFly IV and FLIGHT Software

Precision additive manufacturing system for electronics

•Simultaneous dual-material 3D printing of silver and dielectric materials

•Layout circuits in 3D space for miniaturization or custom shapes

•Keep IP secure through in-house production

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Fabrica 2.0

Precision micro manufacturing with the advantages of Additive Manufacturing

•Automate hundreds of micro parts overnight

•1-micron resolution

•Rapid production of plastics without tooling

•Find new opportunity in the new scale of miniaturization

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