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3D Printing in Healthcare 

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3D printing is already transforming the healthcare industry, from additive manufacturing of medical devices to producing functional pre-clinical parts. The technology is enabling rapid medical advancements and paving the way for new applications.

As additive manufacturing of functional printed electronics takes root with Nano Dimension's DragonFly™ System, medical device manufacturers can now 3D print embedded sensors, multi-layer PCBs and miniaturized modules with conductive components and complex geometries, for a variety of applications in the medical device industry such as microfluidics and non-invasive sensors. 

With the DragonFly™ System's groundbreaking ability to simultaneously 3D print both dielectric polymer and conductive metal traces at high precision levels, designers can fully utilize their creativity to design surgical and training tools with irregular geometries. Groundbreaking new designs for medical tools can be pioneered, with the virtually limitless design freedom afforded by the DragonFly™ System.

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